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Vietnam Offroad PVOIL Cup 2023 officially starts in Hanoi

Vietnam Offroad PVOIL Cup 2023 (PVOIL VOC 2023) took place on three days, October 27–29, at the "fire pan" Dong Mo (Vietnamese Ethnic Culture and Tourism Village) in Son Tay, Hanoi, with 87 teams from across the country participating.

On the morning of October 28, PVOIL performed the opening ceremony for the fuel dispensing station that will serve the event. Mr. Khuat Viet Hung, Vice Chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee; Mr. Nguyen Quang Hung, Deputy Head of the Communications and Corporate Culture Department of Vietnam Oil & Gas Group; and Mr. Nguyen Tuan Tu, member of the tournament's Organizing committee and Deputy General Director of PVOIL, as well as members of the Board of Directors, the Chief Accountant, and leaders of affiliated units and member units of PVOIL, attended.

Representatives cut the ribbon to open the PVOIL fuel station

Following the event, the Opening Ceremony of PVOIL VOC 2023 took place, officially kicking off the exciting festival atmosphere of Vietnam's largest off-road car racing tournament.

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Tu, Deputy General Director of PVOIL, stated at the Opening Ceremony of PVOIL VOC 2023 that throughout the 16-year voyage of VOC, PVOIL has been accompanied for 8 consecutive years, and this is the 5th year the corporation has followed the award-winning PVOIL VOC.

This is also a clear manifestation of the long-term and effective cooperation between PVOIL OTV Communications Company and Otofun Forum. PVOIL will continue to sponsor the award for 3 years (2023, 2024, 2025), he said, adding the commitment demonstrates the effectiveness that the PVOIL Cup Vietnam Off-Road Car Racing Tournament brings in many aspects, especially the good results brought to athletes, racing teams and lovers of the off-road auto sports movement as well as to the communication work, promoting the image and brand of PVOIL to consumers.
As the title sponsor of the race, PVOIL has attached its brand and image to this race. PVOIL has participated more in race organization as well as created the best conditions to jointly organize OTV Communications Joint Stock Company and Otofun Forum to successfully organize racing events in recent years and in the coming years, Tu said.

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Tu, Deputy General Director of PVOIL speaks at the opening ceremony of PVOIL VOC 2023

The year 2022 marks the 15th anniversary of the PVOIL VOC race, which was successfully held for three days November 4-6, 2022. On that basis, PVOIL VOC 2023 continues to be held for three days October 27-29, 2023, promising to once again become a racing festival with tens of thousands of people directly attending. In order to maintain its position as the largest off-road car race of the year, the Organizing Committee has made important changes for this season.

First, the Vietnam Pickup class, which is for original pickup trucks launched in 2016, will no longer be held. Instead, the Organizing Committee announced a completely new class, Advanced Pickup. The participating pickup trucks will still be the ones sold on the market but will be upgraded more and face more difficult challenges. Besides, the remaining three divisions are Basic, Advanced SUV, and Extended.

Secondly, the Adventure night race track will also not be deployed at PVOIL VOC 2023. Instead, this year's competition tracks will be renewed by extending the competition distance and opening more competition routes in new areas. Road construction is calculated according to the formula of renewing about 30-40% of the roads each year to help maintain surprise in the tests.

According to the Racetrack Design and Construction Department, PVOIL VOC 2023 is expected to have 15 racetracks, the most ever. Of these, 14 tracks have been identified, including three completely new tracks, some of which have been redesigned. In particular, track number 14 will be surveyed and calculated to be reserved for the Advanced Pickup Class.

Ms. Le Thi Thu Huong - Deputy General Director of PVOIL gave gifts to the racing cars

PVOIL provides fuel for racing cars

Booth promoting and introducing PVOIL products

Minigame at PVOIL booth

Minigame at PVOIL booth

A racing team on the track

General information about PVOIL VOC 2023

PVOIL VOC 2023 has 87 racing teams, with 4 race classes, including Basic, Advanced Pickup, Advanced SUV, and Expanded. The event took place over 3 days, from October 27 to 29, at the Vietnam Ethnic Culture and Tourism Village area, Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi.

The General Department of Sports and Sports has officially recognized VOC as a movement sports competition in the domestic tournament system since 2010.

PetroVietnam Oil Corporation Joint Stock Company (PVOIL) has accompanied the tournament since 2016. Since 2019, PVOIL has become the title sponsor of the race.

Official information channels about the Award:

Otofun News: www.ofnews.vn
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Official fanpage of the Award: https://www.facebook.com/pvoilvoc2023


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