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The final round of PVOIL Football Cup 2022 takes place in Da Nang City

On September 30, 2022, in the lovely city of Da Nang, the Final Round of the 2022 PVOIL Cup Football Tournament's Opening Ceremony officially took place.

The Southern and Northern region qualifying rounds for the 2022 PVOIL Cup football competition have already been wrapped up.

The organizing committee has chosen a list of the best eight teams to compete in the final round, which took place in Da Nang from September 30 to October 1. The final round was divided into two groups:

Group A has four teams including PVOIL Phu Yen, PVOIL Hanoi, PVOIL Hai Phong, and PETEC.

Group B has four teams including PVOIL Nam Dinh, Collaboration PVOIL Mien Trung + PVOIL Quang Ngai, PVOIL Binh Thuan, Collaboration PVOIL Bac Lieu + PVOIL Tra Vinh.

The 2022 PVOIL Football Tournament completed after two days of the spectacular games, with the following results:

- The winning team, Collaboration PVOIL Mien Trung + PVOIL Quang Ngai received a trophy and a bonus of 30,000,000 VND.

- PVOIL Hanoi won the second-place reward of 20,000,000 VND.

- PVOIL Phu Yen and PVOIL Nam Dinh each received two third awards at 10,000,000 VND each.

- PVOIL Binh Thuan, PVOIL Hai Phong, Collaboration PVOIL Bac Lieu and PVOIL Tra Vinh, PETEC were presented four awards of VND 5,000,000 each.

- PVOIL Hai Phong received a 5,000,000 VND passionate fan award.

- Top scorer award belongs to 03 players with 4 goals, worth 2,000,000 VND/person: Nguyen Van Quoc (PVOIL Phu Yen), Trinh Van Lam (PVOIL Hanoi), Nguyen Cong Son (Collaboration PVOIL Mien Trung + PVOIL Quang Ngai).

- The team of The 2022 PVOIL Cup Football Tournament award belongs to 7 players, worth 2,000,000 VND/each: Phan Ngoc Linh (Collaboration PVOIL Mien Trung + PVOIL Quang Ngai), Tran Van Bi (Collaboration PVOIL Mien Trung + PVOIL Quang Ngai), Le Xuan Ry (PVOIL Phu Yen), Dang Minh Quan (PVOIL Binh Thuan), Nguyen Van Doanh (PVOIL Hanoi), Vu Hong Thai (PVOIL Nam Dinh), Trinh Van Lam (PVOIL Hanoi)

Images from the opening ceremony, the final award ceremony, and the matches:

Opening ceremony

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Tu - Nguyen Tuan Tu, Deputy President of PVOIL, gives the opening speech.

Leaders of the Corporation presents souvenir flags to the teams

PVOIL Hanoi team

PVOIL Hai Phong team

PVOIL Phu Yen team

PVOIL Binh Thuan team

PVOIL Tra Vinh + PVOIL Bac Lieu team

PETEC team

PVOIL Mien Trung + PVOIL Quang Ngai team

PVOIL Nam Dinh team

The procedure is followed by the referee to enter the game.

Lovely fans

Leaders of the Corporation play exchange matches with the teams

Pictures of matches

Lovely fans

Pictures of matches

The two teams were recognized and encouraged by Corporation leaders before competing in the final.

Pictures of the final

Pictures of the final

Pictures of the final

Pictures of the final

The outcome of the last game is decided by penalties.

Collaboration PVOIL Mien Trung + PVOIL Quang Ngai received the Champion Cup from Corporation leaders.

PVOIL Hanoi team won the second award

Team PVOIL Nam Dinh and PVOIL Phu Yen won the third award

PVOIL Hai Phong, PVOIL Binh Thuan, Collaboration PVOIL Bac Lieu + PVOIL Tra Vinh, PETEC won the Prospect award

Championship trophy

Team of tournament

Top Scorer Award

Fan award


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