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At 7am on January 8th, 2023, at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, the first coach of the program “Coming home with PVOIL to celebrate Tet”, bringing nearly 1,000 students home for the upcoming Lunar New Year Holidays. The students come from provinces from Binh Thuan to Thanh Hoa.

The program was organized by PVOIL Youth Union in collaboration with the Student Support Center of HCM City, HCM City University of Technology and Education, Viet Nam National University, University of Economics HCM City. The program has already been in place for five years, which also means that PVOIL has helped close to 5,000 students with this important initiative.

The corporation prepares 22 top-of-the-line cars so they may travel in comfort and provides food and drinks for all students going with them. After departing HCM City, the buses will make specific stops in Binh Thuan, Phu Yen, Ha Tinh, and Thanh Hoa to allow students taking rest and have lunch, as well as dinner or breakfast.

A unique feature of the program's setup is that PVOIL staff members and Youth Union members will prepare food and drinks to welcome students directly at PVOIL’s petroleum station on the journey. PVOIL pays for the entire cost of renting a car and covering travel-related food costs, and students get all services for free. PVOIL Binh Thuan, PVOIL Phu Yen, PVOIL Mien Trung, PVOIL Vung Ang, and PVOIL Thanh Hoa are some of the participating units.

Prior to this event, on January 6th, 2023, the PVOIL Youth Union members collaborated with the Youth Union members of the HCM City University of Technology and Education to prepare a package of 1,000 Chung cakes as gifts for kids going back to their homes for Tet.

“My parents are farmers and have to work extremely hard to feed my two brothers so they can study, so I have to take care of myself whatever I can to help support the family. Normally, I use my part-time job to pay for rent and meals while I'm in university and only dare to return to my hometown once a year to save money. I've never taken part in the program before. The bus journey not only provides me with food and presents on the way, but it also allows me to go home to celebrate Tet without spending any money” said Bui Van Phong, a Quang Ngai native and a student at the HCM City University of Technology and Education.

“The car price for the Tet holiday is twice as expensive as usual, but it's also twice as busy and occasionally without seats. Thanks to PVOIL's important trip, I was encouraged to return home early to celebrate Tet, feel comfortable, and save a significant sum of money for my family since Tet also has many items to buy” Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy, a Nong Lam University student and a resident of Binh Dinh, said.

“The house is far away, so I only return once a year” said Nguyen Thi Thi, a student at the University of Economics and Law, Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City. “The bus ticket to Thanh Hoa costs about VND1.5 million (around $65), not including the meal, but during the Tet holiday, tickets increase day by day and must be reserved in advance. Every time I return to my hometown, my family is really worried. I appreciate the free tickets and meals I receive on this special bus, which allows me to reduce my spending.” “Driving with friends is more fun, too!”, she added.

In addition to its economic and production activities, PVOIL is constantly interested in setting up useful and impactful social security initiatives for disadvantaged members of society. Coming home with PVOIL to celebrate Tet is an activity that not only supports students but also demonstrates the company's generosity to the broader social community.

PVOIL wishes the students a voyage filled with love and sharing and a swift, safe return to the family to enjoy the Tet reunion.

This year, PVOIL also offered competitions for writing comments and creating Tiktok videos about the program. The competition includes a brief summary of the program, as well as emotions, thoughts, impressions, etc. of the participants in the journey “Coming home with PVOIL to celebrate Tet”, the imagines, videos from the departure ceremony or the trip, together with images from the program, should be emailed to the PVOIL Youth Fanpage or dtn.bbt@pvoil.com.vn.

The competition will create a pleasant and meaningful playground with tempting rewards and other elements that up the thrill and relevance of an emotional trip.

Students gather before departure time

Mr. Mai Xuan Hai - Secretary of the PVOIL Youth Union gave a symbol of the bus ticket to the Youth Union of the schools

Students move to the car

Lunch stop at PVOIL Petrol Station

Điểm dừng chân tại CHXD số 4 PVOIL Bình Thuận

Stop at Petrol Station No. 4 PVOIL Binh Thuan


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