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PVOIL Introduction

PVOIL constantly works for improvement of service quality, professionalism and efficiency in the journey to grow to the future.

61,585 Billion VND
80,294 Billion VND

Revenue 2019



10,342 billion VNĐ
10,342 billion VNĐ

charter capital

7 Million metric tons/year
7.6 Million metric tons/year

Crude Oil Supply to Dung Quat Refinery

15 Million metric tons/year
11 Million metric tons/year

Crude Oil Export

600,000 m³, tons/year
600,000 m3, tons/year

Petroleum, Lubricants, Bio-Fuels Production

953,000 m³
952,000 m3

Storage Capacity

3.2 Million m³, tons/year
3.2 Million m3, tons/year

Petroleum Distribution, 20% Market Share


PVOIL COCO Petroleum Stations


DODO Petroleum Stations

Business Activities

Centers on people and environment Shares the achievements with partners Pursues the ultimate targets

International trading of crude oil and petroleum products
International trading of crude oil and petroleum products

Crude oil business is a unique activity to make PVOIL different.With strength and experience in oil industry, in 2011, PVOIL set up a subsidiary in Singapore (PVOIL Singapore Pte Ltd - PVOSN) to deploy international oil trading.

Retailing and distribution of petroleum products
Retailing and distribution of petroleum products

For the recent years, petroleum market has seen a remarkable upsurge in the number of wholesalers. Nevertheless, PVOIL has affirmed its second position with the quantity for sales of 3.2 - 3.5 million m3, tons per year, accounting for 22% market share.

Processing of petroleum lubricants
Processing of petroleum lubricants

PVOIL is gradually modernizing, diversifying and improving the quality of petroleum products and lubricants to meet the demand of domestic and regional markets.


We connect customers to high quality products through our supply, storage and distribution works.

Petroleum station network
Petroleum storage system

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